Despite the advances made in bridge team training and the provision of technological aids, analysis of tanker incidents indicates that navigational incidents involving collisions, contacts or groundings have consistently accounted for more than half of all incidents.

The Causes of Tanker Oil Spills

Causes of Oil Tanker Spills

Flight Data Recorders (FDR’s) have been fitted to aircraft since the 1950’s and many airlines have been routinely analysing FDR information since the 1970's. As a result, the aviation industry now has considerable valuable performance data to improve training standards.

Similar benefits are now available to the maritime industry through the analysis and assessment of Voyage Data Recorder information.

As a result of our findings presented to OCIMF after conducting the first trials of this concept, TMSA now includes remote navigation audits by an independent contractor as part of the Navigation Safety Best–Practice Guidance.

As industry leader we are working closely with ship operators to develop unique audit templates in line with Company Procedures and industry best practices to identify gaps in Bridge Team Performance as well as confirm positive compliance.

We have the ability to study data from different VDR manufacturers using specially developed software, widely used by various authorities, such as the MAIB, for incident investigation.

SureNav Remote Navigation Audits for Maritime Industry

How does a SureNav Remote Navigation Audit work?

SureNav is actively promoting the substantial benefits of remote navigation audits; we provide an exclusive service to ship operators – a review of Bridge Team procedures, VDR data, passage plan, voyage documents, etc. against industry best practices and company policies.

Each navigation audit is performed by a experienced auditor and reviewed by management. Every audit report includes screenshots and will be accompanied by a short video clip.

Just send us the VDR data to review, with copies of relevant voyage documents and charts and we will send you a report within 10 days.

Our Services

  • Remote Navigation Audits

    • Remote Navigation Audits

  • Conventional Navigation Audits

    • Conventional Navigation Audits

  • Remote Incident Investigations

    • Remote Incident Investigations

  • On-board Navigation Safety Training

    • On-board Navigation Safety Training

Benefits include:

  • Depth of review – snapshot of several critical periods – port approaches, TSS, close quarters situations, etc.
  • Known costs – travel / waiting days removed – flat fee cost.
  • By performing regular downloads, the risk of the VDR being defective or officers being unfamiliar with equipment if an incident or accident occurs will be significantly reduced.
  • No impact on the Bridge Team by the presence of the auditor - therefore routine practices & procedures reviewed.
  • Training playback capability.
  • Can also be used for incident investigation and review.
Benefits of Using Remove Navigation Auditing and Bridge Team Training

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